12-28-19 Market Update Fox Valley

12 28 19 Market Update Fox Valley

12-28-19 market update Fox Valley.  We had a holiday right in the middle of the week so numbers are way off this week.  New listings of single family homes were about half of what they were.  58 this week compared to 129 the week before.  Next week we have New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in the middle of the week again so we will start off the New Year the same way. Also the last 3 days of this year will be included next week because we go Saturday to Saturday.

Closed listings were also about half of what they were.  106 this week compared to 208 the week before.  It would be tough to do the holiday and move at the same time.

Take a look at the communities with the most activity this week:

Aurora-New 7 $80,000-$260,000

            Closed-15 $79,500-$305,000

Naperville-New 9 $285,000-$669,000

                 Closed-16 $310,000-$970,000

Plainfield-New 10 $229,000-$525,500

                Closed-13 $185,000-$377,130

Contracts accepted this week

12 28 19 Market Update Fox Valley-Contracts accepted this week

Contracts accepted this week were not too bad for a holiday week.  98 this week compared to 117 the week before.  Happy Buyers and Sellers that found a home or received a contract on their home.  What a great present!

Look at the communities with the most contracts accepted:

Aurora-14              Naperville-15           Plainfield-15

2 short sales accepted by Sellers this week. 1 each in Elburn and Winfield.  Now they will be submitted to the lender to see if they will also accept as written.

Sellers accepted contracts that are contingent on the Buyer closing on their current home.  2 with a kick-out clause of 48 hours and 1 with 24 hours.

Also Sellers accepted contracts that are contingent on the Buyer selling and closing on their current home.  2 with a kick-out clause of 48 hours and 1 with 24 hours.  Both identical.  Out of 98 accepted only 6 contingent on a closing or sale and closing.  Sellers still have confidence that will happen.  Even in the slower months things are still happening for the ones that are priced right.

2019 by the month

Month                    New        Closed       Contract accepted

January                  878           407                    608

February             1,032           465                    832

March                1,731            915                1,375

April                  1,594            790                1,307

May                   2,004         1,391                1,665

June                  1,643         1,253                1,218

July                   1,423         1,029                1,090

August              1,585         1,403                1,211

September        1,164            765                   869

October            1,259            957                   959

November           679            727                    656

December           496            661                    497

Total              15.488      10,763              12,287

May was the biggest month for new listings this year.  August for closings and May for contracts accepted.  You can see when the new listings go up so does everything else.  The school year cycle is still the busiest.  Activity happens year round.  Some of the new listings get relisted and some of the contracts accepted come back on the market for various reasons and go contract accepted again.  Closed listings is the only  one that you can count on.

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Anytime of the year is the right time to sell if it is priced right.  You might want to beat the Spring rush so you don’t have so much competition to sell.

Calling a loan officer is your first step if you are thinking about buying in 2020.  You need to find out what type of loan will work out best for your situation and what price range will work out best for you.  They will give you letter stating what you qualify for that will go with an offer when you find the right home.  It will need to be updated if it is older than 30 days.

Check our some great resources:

Some lenders also offer special programs and assistance so also check with them.

12-28-19 market update Fox Valley.  Have a great week and have a Happy and safe New Year!

Kristine Heiman, Designated Managing Broker

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Market Update Fox Valley-March 10 2018

Market Update Fox Valley-March 10 2018

Market update Fox Valley-March 10 2018.  New listings of single family homes continues to be over the 300 mark which is good.  This week there were 328 new listings compared to 345 last week.  Slightly less than the week before.

Closed listings of single family homes were down this week.  111 this week compared to 206 the week before.  We are in the beginning of the month so this is to be expected.  These numbers should increase as we get closer to the end of the month.

Take a look at the communities with the most activity this week:

AuroraNew 35 from $115,000-$1,100,000            Closed-17 from $100,000-$397,000   Total active listings-205 from $59,000-$1,450,000

with 5 auction listings

BataviaNew 12 from $279,900-$869,900              Closed-3 from $110,000-$566,520     Total active listings-87 from $179,000-$3,995,000

with 2 auction listings

BolingbrookNew 19 from $169,900-399,900        Closed-4 from $172,000-$342,500     Total active listings-97 from $168,000-$599,000

GenevaNew 16 from $225,000-$1,555,000           Closed-8 from $223,100-$430,000     Total active listings-131 from $189,000-$1,750,000

MontgomeryNew 11 from $149,900-$299,900     Closed-5 from $154,000-$260,000     Total active listings-53 from $109,900-340,000

with 1 auction listing

NapervilleNew 66 from $216,000-$1,499,000       Closed-19 from $280,000-$850,000   Total active listings-498 from $216,000-$7,425,000

OswegoNew 18 from $229,900-$475,000             Closed-4 from $247,000-$415,000     Total active listings-116 from $129,900-$1,790,000

PlainfieldNew 40 from $216,000-$879,900           Closed-9 from $233,000-$340,000     Total active listings-272 from $159,900-$2,399,000

with 2 auction listings.

St Charles/New 36 from $259,900-$995,000        Closed-7 from $170,000-$828,750     Total active listings-355 from $109,900-$3,950,000

Campton Hills

SycamoreNew 12 from $123,500-$649,900          Closed-2 from $137,000-$300,000      Total active listings-56 from $114,000-$649,900

All these numbers are changing as I am posting this.  Weekends are very busy.

Contracts accepted this week

Market Update Fox Valley-March 10 2018-Contracts Accepted

Sellers accepted 316 contracts this week. Last week they accepted 299.  Slightly more than the week before.  As you can see there were 328 New listings and then 316 contracts accepted so the inventory is not accumulating.  Homes are selling at the same rate that new homes are coming on the market.

Take a look at the communities that sellers accepted contract this week:

Aurora-41                               Oswego-23

Bolingbrook-23                      Plainfield-35

Geneva-13                               St Charles/Campton Hills-26

Montgomery-10                     Sycamore-10

Naperville-52                          West Chicago-12

Short sales accepted by sellers this week doubled. 12 this week compared to 6 the week before.  Now they will be submitted to the lender to see if they will also accept as contract is written.

Sellers accepted contracts this week that are contingent on the buyers home closing.  Buyers home has already accepted a contract but need to close to purchase.  15 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours, 10 with 48 hours and 2 with 24 hours.

Contracts were also accepted by sellers that the buyers home needs to sell and close before purchasing.  Buyers home might or might not already be on the market.  They have not accepted a contract on their home.  Contract is contingent on a sale and close.  5 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours and 6 with 48 hours.

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If you are wanting to purchase a home your first step is to contact a loan officer to get pre-approved so you know what type of loan is best for you and what price range you should be looking in. To find out more about loans and the process go here

There are programs to help you with a down payment. You can look here to see if you qualify.  Also talk to your loan officer to see what kind of help they offer.

You can look up current interest rates to see where they are.  Your interest rate with be determined by your credit score. Your loan officer will be able to help you if you need to improve it to get the best rate.

Request a home valuation if you are thinking about selling.  We can show you what your home is worth is the current market.  You can go to our website below to make a request. We will do a net proceeds for you to show you what costs are involved so you know what you will have to work with to make a move.

Market update Fox Valley-March 10 2018.  Have a great week!

Krisitne Heiman-Managing Broker

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Activity This Week-12/17/16 in Kane & Kendall County

Activity This Week-12/17/16 Kane County
Kane County Activity This Week
Activity This Week-12/17/16 Kendall County
Kendall County Activity This Week

Kane & Kendall County Activity

Activity this week-12/17/16 in Kane & Kendall County has slowed quit a bit leading into the holiday week.  Keep in mind some of these towns spill over into other counties.  Aurora for example, is in 4 different counties.  People are still out there looking, waiting for the right home to come on the market.  Low inventory is expected to continue into the new year.

Now is a great time to sell if you have your home in move-in ready condition and price it right.  Purchasers will want to keep a close eye on listings as they come on the market and be ready to go with a loan pre-approval in place.  You could miss out on a property if you are not ready.  Sellers want to see a pre-approval that is no more than 30 days old.

Once you narrow down to the neighborhood or find a home we can give you the information you need to make an informed decision on pricing.  For Sellers we will give you a market analysis that will show you were you need to be with pricing your home.  Pricing your home right the first time is very important.  Pricing your home too high will increase the days on market and will negatively effect the price you will end up with.  Buyers will know the price is too high and might not consider your home even if you lower the price.  They will have moved on to another property.

Interest Rates

Interest rates were in the news this week.  The Federal Reserve raised the rates.  Check with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau daily for updated information about interest rates and how it will effect you.

Purchasers will be effected with every interest rate increase.  Unless you are paying cash, your monthly payment will go up.  Your purchasing power will be decreased.  

Good information is there on the different types of loans, closing costs and other information you can use about the process.

Single Family Homes

Activity this week 12/17/16  information is Single Family Homes only in Kane & Kendall County.

 Attached Housing data can be provided to you.  Let us know what community or communities that you are looking at and we can provide you the information you need to make an informed decision as a seller or purchaser..

Check With Us

Check with us every Saturday for updated market activity for the week in Kane & Kendall Counties.  We are keeping an eye on the market.  

Looking in another County?  Let us know.  We would be happy to provide market data so you can make an informed decision to sell or purchase a home.  

Contact Jeff Szymczak-Broker ext 104 or Kristine Heiman,CNE-Managing Broker at 630-503-6555 or email us at besthomesfv@gmail.com.  Start searching homes now at besthomesfv.com.