Market Update Fox Valley-February 16, 2019

Market Update Fox Valley-February 16 2019Market update Fox Valley-February 16 2019.  New listings were down this week.  265 this week compared to 325 last week.  That puts at 771 for the month so far.  January New listings were 878 total so we are only halfway through the month and we have almost met last months total.  They will keep picking up as we head into Spring market.

Closed listings were up this week.  118 this week compared to 84 last week.  That puts us at 343 for the month so far. January Closed listings were 407 total.  We have almost met that total as well.  Closed listings should increase as we head into the end of the month when most Buyers like to close.

Take a look at the communities with the most activity this week:

Aurora-New 32 $118,000-$640,000                                        Closed-21 $90,000-$440,000

Bolingbrook-New 18 $149,000-$425,000                                Closed-12 $138,500-$346,000

Geneva-New 14 $249,900-$779,900                                       Closed-4 $268,000-$387,000

Montgomery-New 10 $167,000-$309,000                               Closed-4 $105,000-$242,500

Naperville-New 68 $225,000-1,050,000                                  Closed-17 $192,500-$550,000

Oswego-New 11 $230,000-$435,900                                      Closed-1 $160,000

Plainfield-New 22 $239,900-$625,000                                   Closed-14 $210,000-$385,000

St Charles/Campton Hills-New 24 $129,500-$1,400,000       Closed-9 $163,000-$760,000

West Chicago-New 11 $159,700-$645,000                            Closed-5 $115,000-$320,000

Contracts Accepted this Week

Market Update Fox Valley-February 16 2019-Contracts Accepted this WeekContracts accepted by Sellers this week were slightly up this week.   224 this week compared to 209 last week.  That makes 614 accepted contracts so far this month.  There were 608 contacts accepted by Sellers in the month of January.  We have already past those totals.  This gives you an idea of the closings that will be coming up if they make it through the process of inspections, attorney review and loans getting approved.

Take a look at the communities that Sellers accepted the most contracts this week:

Aurora-40                            Bolingbrook-20                                Geneva-11                                      Montgomery-14

Naperville-32                       Plainfield-26                                     St Charles/Campton Hills-19          Yorkville-11

Short Sales accepted by Sellers this week were 6.  Last week there was only 1.  2 were in Bolingbrook & Naperville this week and only 1 each in Montgomery & Yorkville. Now they will be submitted to the lender to see if they will also accept.

Sellers accepted contracts this week that are contingent on the closing of the Buyers current home.  4 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours, 9 with 48 hours and 1 with 24 hours.

Contingent contracts were also accepted by Sellers that the Buyers still need to sell and close on their current home.  4 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours and 3 with 48 hours.

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Market update Fox Valley-February 16 2019. Have a great week!

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