Market update Fox Valley March 28 2020

Market update Fox Valley March 28 2020
Single Family Homes

Market update Fox Valley March 28 2020.  New listings were down slightly over 25% this week.  192 this week compared to 257 the week before.  All non-essential businesses are shut down right now.  We are essential.  Some people do not realize this and others want to wait until this virus passes.

Closed listings were up just over 7% this week. 204 this week compared to 190 the week before.  This is the end of the month.  This months closings were higher than February by about 25 %.  We will keep an eye on things for the next few months to see how it goes.  Check back with us each Saturday.

Take a look at the communities with the most activity this week:

Aurora-New 20 $109,900-$650,000

            Closed-26 $107,900-$465,000

Bolingbrook-New 12 $124,900-$388,247

                    Closed-19 $165,000-$374,000

Geneva-New 12 $289,900-$1,599,000

             Closed-6 $267,000-$504,000

Naperville-New 46 $284,900-$850,000

                 Closed-34 $236,000-$1,180,000

Oswego-New 11 $175,000-$339,000

             Closed-11 $200,000-$521,300

Plainfield-New 24 $150,000-$586,8000

                Closed-30 $200,000-$469,225

St Charles/Campton Hills-

               New 15 $199,900-$1,150,000

              Closed-12 $248,000-$649,500

Yorkville-New 8 $110,000-$550,000

              Closed-10 $209,977-$452,000

Contracts accepted this week

Market update Fox Valley March 28 2020-Contracts accepted this week
Single Family Homes

Contracts accepted this week were down just over 37% this week.  179 accepted this week compared to 286 the week before.  This week was a week of adjustment to what is going on with the virus and how to show homes.  

Look at the communities that sellers accepted the most contracts this week:

Aurora-24                                   Bolingbrook-14

Naperville-22                              Plainfield-30

St Charles/Campton Hills-18      Yorkville-12

No short sales were accepted by sellers this week.

Sellers accepted contracts that are contingent on the buyer closing on their current home.  17 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours,6 with 48 hours and 3 with 24 hours.

Also, sellers accepted contracts that are contingent on the buyer selling and closing on their current home.  1 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours, 4 with 48 hours and 2 with 24 hours.

2020 by the month

Month                             New   Closed   Contracts accepted

January                        1,105     566             858

February                      1,267     529          1,024

March                         1,186      707          1,079

Now take a look at the previous 2 years to compare


Month                             New   Closed   Contracts accepted

January                           878      407            568

February                      1,032      463            832

March                          1,731      915        1,375


Month                            New   Closed   Contracts accepted

January                         808       489            606

February                    1,040       444            856

March                        1,549       907         1,564

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We are getting updated frequently from the National Association of REALTORS®,  Illinois REALTORS® and Fox Valley Association of REALTORS® on things we need to know going forward with this pandemic.  Friday morning our Association did a Zoom meeting with lenders, title company, inspector, Government affairs to update us on loans going forward.  How things are going with closings and inspections.  Lots of things are changing during this time and they will keep us updated going forward with any changes.

We are classified as essential so some real estate offices are open and some working remotely but we are still working.  I am working remotely.

Showings slowed down at first for a few days but now showings are happening again.  Showing instructions are more important right now.

Pre-approval letters are also more important right now and need to be updated more frequently with the changing market conditions.

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Let us know what questions you have and if there is something else you are looking for we will be happy to help you.  If you are looking for legal advice let us know and I would be happy to give you some names of attorneys to contact.

Market update Fox Valley March 28 2020.  Have a great week!  Stay safe and healthy.  Wash your hands.

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