How many VA deals closed in week 32

How many VA deals closed in week 32-Cover

How many VA deals closed in week 32?  Shortly we will break it down for you what types of financing was chosen most this week.  There are many veterans that live in the Fox Valley area.  We do not know how many VA offers were not accepted, but we do know how many closed this week.
First we will talk about new listings for the week.  New listings were down.  251 this week compared to 264 the week before.  This is making a low inventory situation even worse.
Closed listings were also down.  291 this week compared to 340 the week before.  This will increase as we get closer to the end of the month.

How many VA deals were closed in week 32

Take a look at the communities that had the most activity this week:
Aurora-New 35 $140,000-$599,900
            Closed-37 $97,000-$711,711
Batavia-New 7 $235,000-$650,000
            Closed-15 $185,100-$679,000
Bolingbrook-New 23 $200,000-$507,174
                   Closed-21 $205,000-$488,000
Geneva-New 11 $235,000-$1,295,000
            Closed-19 $256,000-$1,995,000
Naperville-New 37 $299,900-$2,195,000
                 Closed-52 $290,000-$2,225,000
Oswego-New 8 $289,900-$544,900
             Closed-11 $270,000-$522,000
Plainfield-New 41 $255,000-$899,900
               Closed-37 $225,000-$790,000
St Charles-New 20 $275,000-$1,275,000
                  Closed-32 $253,000-$1,250,000
West Chicago-New 10 $214,000-$1,075,000
                      Closed-6 $253,000-$559,000

Financing, median list and closed price

Median list price this week $361,470, and last week $350,000.
Median closed price this week $375,000, and last week $365,000.
The median list and closed prices have been fluctuating up and down, but basically staying in the same range.

How many VA deals closed in week 32-Stats 081421

Conventional deals that closed this week 221, and last week 248.
Cash deals that closed this week 33, and last week 39.
How many VA deals closed in week 32-Conv and Cash 081421
Conventional and Cash
FHA deals that closed this week 26, and last week 41.
VA deals that closed this week 9, and last week 12.
How many VA deals closed in week 32-FHA and VA 081421
FHA and VA
Totals were down in each one.  We do not know how many VA loan offers are not getting accepted, but the trend you can see is seller’s are accepting more Conventional loans then anything else.  Hopefully, it is not that agents are shying away from VA loans because they think they will be  hard or take longer to close.  If a home is in good condition there should be no problem with getting a VA loan approved.  Using a lender that is familiar with the process is very important.

Contracts accepted this week

Contracts accepted this week were up.  303 this week compared to 281 the week before.

How many VA deals closed in week 32-Contracts accepted this week

Look at the communities seller’s accepted the most contracts this week:
Aurora-56                                              Batavia-10
Bolingbrook-24                                      Montgomery-15
Naperville-37                                        Oswego-13
Plainfield-41                                          St Charles-24
West Chicago-16                                   Yorkville-19
No short sales were accepted by seller’s this week.
Seller’s accepted contracts that are contingent on the buyer closing on their current home.  4 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours, 6 with 48 hours, and 4 with 24 hours.
Also, seller’s accepted contracts that are contingent on the buyer selling and closing on their current home.  2 with a kick-out clause of 48 hours.

2021 by the month

Month                      New     Closed     Contracts accepted
January                    543        649             829
February                   561        604             778
March                      993       1099           1455
April                      1006        926            1387
May                       1088      1228            1289
June                      1450       1686           1671
July                       1118      1182            1210
August                      515       631             584
Totals                     7274      8005            9203
We started out the year ahead with closed homes.  Deals that were accepted in 2020 that closed in the beginning of the year.  There is usually a gap between new and closed, but not this year.
It continues to be a seller’s market.  We are still seeing multiple offers, but it is not as intense.  We are starting to see price reductions on some of the higher priced homes.
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How many VA deals closed in week 32.  We hope more agents will get informed about VA loans so they will be more confident in accepting a VA offer.  Our veterans deserve to be able to use their benefits.

Have a great week!

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