How many FHA deals closed in week 31

How many FHA deals closed in week 31-Cover

How many FHA deals closed in week 31?  Some are getting accepted. Not as many as other types of loans.  We will go into more detail in a little bit.

First we will start out with new and closed listings this week and what communities are seeing the most activity.

New listings of single family homes was pretty consistent.  264 this week compared to 265 the week before.  That is pretty consistent!

Closing listings of single family homes was down.  340 this week compared to 365 the week before.  This is still pretty good for the first full week of the month.  Usually it drops down.  Most buyer’s want to close at the end of the month

How many FHA deals closed in week 31

Take a look at the communities with the most activity this week:

Aurora-New 52 $118,000-$479,000

            Closed-45 $90,000-$655,000

Batavia-New 15 $185,000-$939,900

            Closed-10 $255,000-$760,000

Bolingbrook-New 15 $179,900-$515,000

                   Closed-27 $225,000-$555,000

Montgomery-New 11 $190,000-$349,900

                     Closed-17 $185,000-$340,000

Naperville-New 29 $280,000-$1,550,000

                 Closed-73 $282,000-$2,125,000

North Aurora-New 5 $249,900-$424,990

                       Closed-13 $270,000-$493,000

Oswego-New 15 $289,000-$719,900

             Closed-14 $241,000-$623,455

Plainfield-New 36 $174,900-$551,106

                Closed-42 $230,000-$565,000

St Charles-New 18 $159,900-$820,000

                  Closed-23 $150,000-$990,000

West Chicago-New 13 $189,900-$575,000

                      Closed-7 $305,000-$640,000

Yorkville-New 12 $199,900-$739,900

               Closed-14 $230,000-$420,000

Financing and median list and closed price

So many buyer’s out there are having a hard time getting their FHA offers accepted.  Some are getting through.  We will show you how many Conventional, Cash, FHA and VA deals closed.   We will start out showing you the median list and closed price.

The median list price this week is $350,000, and last week it was $373,700.

Closed median price this week is $365,000, and last week it was $390,000.

The median list and closed prices have been fluctuating up and down each week, but have stayed in the same range.

How many FHA deals closed in week 31-Stats 080721
Median List and Closed Price

Conventional deals closed this week 248, and last week 281.

Cash deals closed this week 39, and last week 38.

Conventional was down, but cash stayed consistent.

How many FHA deals closed in week 31-Conv and Cash 080721
Conventional and Cash

FHA deals closed this week 41, and last week 38.

VA deals closed this week 12, and last week 8.

FHA was up slightly, and VA  was slightly down.  A lot of first-time buyer’s are going with FHA financing, and they are having a hard time especially with multiple offer situations.  Hopefully they will get a break soon.

How many FHA deals closed in week 31-FHA and VA 080721
FHA and VA


Contracts accepted this week

Contracts accepted this week were down.  281 this week compared to 297 the week before.  We don’t know what type of financing was chosen until they close.

How many FHa deals closed in week 31-Contracts accepted this week

Look at the communities seller’s accepted the most contracts:

Aurora-45                                Bolingbrook-19

Montgomery-14                        Naperville-35

Oswego-14                               Plainfield-51

St Charles-14                          Sycamore-10

West Chicago-10                     Yorkville-13

1 short sale was accepted buy a seller in St Charles.  It will now be submitted to the lender to see if they will also accept.  With the prices increasing not too many people have to sell for less than what they owe.  This is a great time, if you are in a bind, to sell.

Seller’s accepted contracts that are contingent on the buyer closing on their current home. 1 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours and 8 with 48 hours.

Also, seller’s accepted contracts that are contingent on the buyer selling and closing on their current home.  1 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours, 5 with 48 hours and 2 with 24 hours.

2021 by the month

Month              New     Closed     Contracts accepted

January                   543            649                  829

February                 561             604                  778

March                     993           1099                 1455

April                      1006            926                 1387

May                       1088           1228                 1289

June                      1450           1686                 1671

July                       1118            1182                 1210

August                   264             340                   281

Totals                  7023           7714                 8900

The numbers are so tight.  We started out the year with more closed then new listings, but normally the new listings would have a bigger gap between them and closed.  The contracts accepted is higher, because some homes that get a contract accepted come back on the market because of home inspection or attorney review issues.  Some appraisals are coming in lower than the contract price and it can’t go through without seller dropping price or buyer coming in with the difference in cash.

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How many FHA deals closed in week 31.  Have a great week!

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