Down Payment On Home
Are you trying to save money for down payment?

Down Payment on Home

Down payment on a home sometimes can be hard to put together.  You might have a great credit score and your income is enough for the House payment but saving enough for the down payment is hard to do.  You might think you need 20% to put down.  There are programs you can choose that need less of a down payment.  Talk to your lender about the different programs that are available.

Some lenders offer credits to help with the down payment.  You can also go to Down Payment Resource to see if you qualify for help with a down payment.  Don’t think you will not qualify for one.  You just might.

Recently I received an email from them with an article that shows how many programs are available in each state and how much money is still available.  You will need to go to the bottom of the article and click on state-by-state program data to see.

If purchasing a home is your goal take some time to call a lender to see where you are at and find out what help is available.  You might be surprised to learn it is within your reach.  We can recommend lenders that we have successfully worked with so you can choose who you would like to work with.

Contact us today for recommendations of lenders and with questions that you have.  Search for homes anytime.  Our goal is to negotiate price and terms that are best.  We make it our business to find the perfect fit for your needs. Down payment on home.

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