Market Update Fox Valley September 23 2017

Market Update Fox Valley September 23 2017
Activity This Week Fox Valley
Market Update Fox Valley September 23 2017-Accepted Contracts
Accepted Contracts this Week


Market Update Fox Valley September 23 2017

Market Update Fox Valley September 23 2017.  Almost a repeat of the week before.  266 New listings this week compared to 267 last week.  You can’t get much closer than that!.  These numbers are still low though.  There is still low inventory in most areas.  It is still a good time to sell if you have been thinking about it.

Closings were up slightly from the week before.  194 this week compared to 188 the week before.  We are getting closer to the end of the month so they will probably go higher next week.

The top chart above shows you how many new listings there were in each community and the minimum and maximum list price.  It also shows you how many closings there were in each community with the minimum and maximum sold price.  The communities this week with the most activity:

Aurora-New 40 Closed 34

Bolingbrook-New 26 Closed 16

Naperville-New 48 Closed 27

North Aurora-New 15 Closed 10

Plainfield-New 35 Closed 22

St Charles-New 26 Closed 16

This is important if you are looking for a community that consistently has a higher volume of activity.

Market Update Fox Valley September 23 2017-Contracts Accepted

Market Update Fox Valley September 23 2107-contracts accepted this week.  229 contracts were accepted this week compared to 211 last week.  Slightly up from the week before.  

Accepted contracts on short sales were similar to last week.  8 this week compared to 9 last week.  Now they will go on to see if the mortgage company will also accept the contract as written.

Sellers accepted contracts this week that are contingent on the buyers home closing.  The buyers have a contract accepted on their home but have to close before purchasing. 6 with a 72 hour kick-out clause, 4 with a 48 hour & 1 with a 24 hour kick-out clause.

Sellers also accepted contracts that the buyer needs to sell their home.  They might already have it on the market and have not received an offer yet or they might not even have it listed yet. 2 with a 72 hour kick-out clause and 5 with a 48 hour kick-out clause.

The 2nd chart above shows you the contracts accepted in each community for the week.  The communities that accepted the most contracts this week are:

Aurora-43 with 2 of those a short sale

Bolingbrook-19 with 1 of them a short sale


Plainfield-32 with 2 of them a short sale

St Charles-16

The other communities that had short sales accepted are Geneva with 2 and Montgomery with 1.

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