Market Update Fox Valley September 2 2017
Fox Valley Activity this week
Accepted offers this Week Fox Valley September 2 2017
Communities that Sellers Accepted Offers


Market Update Fox Valley September 2 2017

Market Update Fox Valley September 2 2017.  We hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!  I am late posting this Market Update I was at my niece’s Wedding yesterday.  New Listings of single family homes were down this week.  248 this week compared to 256 last week.  Inventory of homes for sale continues to be an issue.  It has increased prices.

Closed homes this week were up.  295 this week compared to 220 last week.  This is due to the end of the month which is more desirable if you are getting a mortgage so you can bring less to closing.  The earlier in the month the more you bring in for interest if you are getting a loan.

Take a look at the communities with the most activity this week:

Aurora-New 27 Closed 56

Batavia-New 12 Closed 10

Bolingbrook-New 16 Closed 19

Montgomery-New 8 Closed 15

Naperville-New 42 Closed 42

North Aurora-New 12 Closed 6

Oswego-New 12 Closed 10

Plainfield-New 32 Closed 45

St Charles-New 23 Closed-15

West Chicago-New 11 Closed 12

Yorkville-New 8 Closed 12

Market Update Fox Valley September 2 2017-Accepted Offers This Week

Sellers accepted more offers this week compared to last week.  256 this week compared to 213 last week.  Despite low inventory and school starting in most communities buyers are still actively looking for homes.

Short sales were also down this week.  Sellers accepted 7 this week compared to 12 last week.  Now they will move on to get approval from the mortgage company.

Offers were accepted that are contingent on the buyers home closing.  Buyers have already accepted an offer on their home but need to close before purchasing. 6 of them have a kick-out clause of 72 hours, 20 with 48 hours and 1 with 24 hours.

Sellers also accepted offers that are contingent on the buyer selling their home.  They might already have their home on the market or might not but they need a contract on their home and then need to close before purchasing. 2 have a kick-out of 72 hours and 4 with 48 hours.

Take a look at the communities that sellers accepted the most offers this week:

Aurora-37  – 1 with a short sale


Bolingbrook-16 –   2 with a short sale 

Naperville- 26

Plainfield-26   –  1 with a short sale

St Charles-11  –  2 with a short sale

North Aurora was the only other community that seller accepted a short sale this week.

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