Market Update Fox Valley-March 31 2018

Market Update Fox Valley-March 31 2018

Market update Fox Valley-March 31, 2018. New listings were down this week.  227 this week compared to 324 last week. It is a holiday week.  We should get back to normal next week. April should be a good month for new listings.

Closed listings were up this week.  221 this week compared to 182 last week.  It is the last week of the month so that is to be expected.

Take a look at the communities with the most activity this week:

Aurora-New 25 $104,900-$485,000                  Closed-23 $110,000-$430,000                Active-208 $59,000-$1,450,000 with 3 Auctions

Batavia-New-11 $160,000-$750,000                Closed-11 $204,000-$540,000                 Active-83 $160,000-$3,995,000 with 2 Auctions

Bolingbrook-New-13 $184,900-$439,900        Closed-17 $135,000-$356,500                 Active-98 $163,000-$649,000 with 3 Auctions

Minooka-New-15 $228,990-$298,235              Closed-3 $217,000-$245,000                   Active-38 $175,000-$675,000

Naperville-New-38 $229,900-$1,119,000         Closed-35 $244,000-$1,775,000             Active-522 $216,000-$7,425,000

Oswego-New-12 $223,500-$349,990               Closed-10 $165,900-$350,000                Active-108 $119,900-$1,595,000

Plainfield-New-31 $179,900-$595,000             Closed-33 $169,000-$574,000                Active-250 $159,900-$1,195,000

St Charles/-New-17 $155,000-$940,000         Closed-18 $169,000-$785,000                 Active-348 $109,900-$3,950,000

Campton Hills

Yorkville/-New-4 $235,000-$418,500              Closed-12 $128,000-$475,000                  Active-99 $179,500-$975,000

Market Update Fox Valley-March 31 2018-Contracts Accepted

Contracts Accepted this Week

Contracts accepted this week were up.  321 this week compared to 301 last week.  Inventory going into next week is down with more contacts accepted this week and New listings down.  Buyers have less to choose from.  If you have been waiting to put your home on the market April is the month you want to have it on the market.

Take a look at the communities that sellers accepted the most contracts this week:

Aurora-45                                Batavia-17

Bolingbrook-28                      Geneva-12

Montgomery-14                    Naperville-65

Oswego-20                            Plainfield-42

Sandwich-10                         St Charles/ Campton Hills-22


Short sales were consistent this week.  7 this week compared to 6 last week. Now they will be submitted to the lender to see if they will also accept the contract as written.

Sellers accepted contracts this week that are contingent on the buyers home closing.  Buyers have accepted a contract on their current home but need to close before purchasing.  10 with a 72 hour kick-out clause, 12 with 48 hours and 6 with 24 hours.

Contracts were also accepted by sellers that are contingent on the buyers current home selling and closing.  Buyers current home might or might not already be on the market.  They have not accepted a contract.  It needs to sell and close before purchasing.  2 with a 72 hour kick-out clause, 11 with 48 hours and 1 with 24 hours.

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Market update Fox Valley-March 31 2018.  Have a great week!

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