Market Update Fox Valley-June 30 2018

Market Update Fox Valley-June 30 2018Market Update Fox Valley-June 30 2018.  The market is still humming along!  354 New listings this week compared to 365 last week.  Not too much of a difference.

Closing this week were up.  386 this week compared to 324 last week.  That is the difference the end of the month makes.  Most people want to close at the end of the month.  If they are getting a loan they will come to closing with less money for interest.

Take a look at the communities this week with the most activity:

Aurora-New 40 $74,900-$795,000                    Closed-46 $81,900-$608,000                     Active-285 $74,900-$1,450,000 with 3 Auctions

Bolingbrook-New 32 $140,000-$459,900        Closed-32 $140,000-$432,500                   Active-154 $140,000-$849,900 with 3 Auctions

Elburn-New 4 $275,000-$1,195,000                 Closed-10 $163,000-$419,000                   Active-75 $169,000-$1,540,000

Geneva-New 15 $237,500-$999,990                Closed-26 $230,000-$810,000                   Active-164 $169,000-$1,695,000

Naperville-New 94 $205,000-$2,995,000        Closed-75 $205,000-$1,750,000                 Active-709 $199,900-$6,800,000 with 2 Auctions

Oswego-New 10 $259,900-$565,000               Closed-15 $187,000-$635,592                    Active-115 $130,000-$1,595,000

Plainfield-New 38 $195,900-$865,000             Closed-55 $165,000-$670,000                    Active-293 $168,000-$2,200,000

St Charles-New 32 $199,900-$899,900           Closed-33 $148,200-$1,175,000                 Active-447 $91,108-$3,895,000

West Chicago-New 15 $220,000-$669,900     Closed-13 $201,500-$500,000                    Active-119 $119,900-$899,000

Yorkville-New 10 $214,900-$1,399,000            Closed-15 $151,000-$385,000                    Active-131 $129,900-$1,399,000 with 1 Auction

These numbers change by the minute.  That is one good thing as soon as an agent enters the information we have it.  If you are looking we can set you up to receive listings as they hit the market.

Accepted contracts this week

Market Update Fox Valley-June 30 2018-Accepted Contracts this weekAccepted contracts this week were up.  303 this week compared to 275 last week.  We are still seeing multiple offer situations. It is still a great time to be a seller.

Take a look at the communities that sellers accepted the most contracts:

Aurora-47                      Bolingbrook-22                      Geneva-17                         Minooka-16

Naperville-54                Oswego-18                             Plainfield-34                      St Charles-23

Short sales contracts accepted this week remain low.  3 this week compared to 5 last week. Now they will be submitted to the lender to see if they will also accept contract as written.

Sellers accepted contracts this week that are contingent on the closing of the buyers current home.  Buyers have already accepted a contract on their home but need to close before purchasing.  5 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours, 7 with 48 hours and 2 with 24 hours.

Contracts were also accepted by Sellers that are contingent on the sale and close of Buyers current home.  Buyers might or might not already have their current home on the market.  2 with a kick-out clause of 72 hours, 8 with 48 hours and 2 with 24 hours.

Contact us

Give a call at 630-503-6555 Jeffery Szymczak-Broker ext 104, Bobby Burson-Broker ext 105 or Kristine Heiman-Managing Broker ext 101.  Our goal is to negotiate price and terms that are best whether you are buying/selling or both.  We will guide you through the process.

If you are just starting to think about purchasing a home you might want to know more about loans and the process so when you talk to a loan officer you will have a better understanding about each type of loan.  You need to get pre approved for a loan before you start looking for a home.

If you are a veteran and want to know more about VA loans and the process you can get some good information.

Check out current interest rates.  The interest you will receive depends on your credit score so it is a good thing to work on your score and bring it up as much as you can.  Your loan officer will give you some good ideas on how to do that.

There are programs that might assist you with your down payment.  It is worth your time to see if you qualify for anything.  Especially if you are a policeman, firefighter or teacher.

Thinking about selling your home?  It is still a great time to be a seller.  We can do a market analysis on your home and let you know the current value. A net proceeds will be provided to you that gives you an estimate of costs to sell your home so you know what you might have to work with in purchasing another home.  We will update this when an offer comes in and we know all the terms of the offer so you can make a good decision.

Market update Fox Valley-June 30 2018.  Have a great week!

Kristine Heiman-Managing Broker

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