Market Update Fox Valley August 26 2017
Fox Valley Activity New & Closed Homes
Seller Accepted Contracts This Week August 26 2017
Contracts Accepted this Week in these Communities


Market Update Fox Valley August 26 2017-New & Closed Homes

Market update Fox Valley August 26 2017.  The market slowed down this week.  256 new homes listed this week compared to 295 last week.  220 homes closed this week compared to 253 last week.  Most area schools have started back up so this might be the reason for the slow down in the market.  Everyone needs to get settled back into a schedule of school and all the activities.  Closings should pick up next week with the end of the month.  Take a look at the communities with the most activity this week:

Aurora-New 35 Closed 36

Batavia-New 12 Closed 12

Bolingbrook-New 18 Closed 16

Geneva-New 13 Closed 11

Montgomery-New 6 Closed 12

Naperville-New 58 Closed 34

Oswego-New 11 Closed 10

Plainfield-New 28 Closed 26

St Charles-New 20 Closed 12

Yorkville-New 3 Closed 11

Market Update Fox Valley August 26 2017-Sellers Accepted Contracts This Week

Sellers accepting contracts was also down this week.  213 this week compared to 254 last week.  Short sales accepted this week were up.  12 short sales this week compared to 3 last week.  These will still need mortgage company approval before they can proceed.  So far this is just seller accepting the contract terms.

Contracts were accepted this week that  the buyer has to close on their current home before purchasing.  These homes are contingent on the close of the buyers home. 5 accepted contracts with a 72 hour kick-out clause, 7 with 48 hour and 3 with 24 hour kick-out. If the buyers home does not close on time it will delay the closing for the seller.  If you accept a contract contingent on a close of a buyers home you need to remain flexible and know that the closing date could change.

Sellers also accepted contracts this week that the buyer has not sold their home.  Either it is not on the market or it is on the market but no contract yet. 5 with a 72 hour kick-out clause and 4 with a 48 hour kick-out.  You will want to know as much as you can on the buyers home under this condition.  It needs to be priced right.

Consult with your real estate Attorney with both of these contingencies before proceeding.  Make sure you understand what might happen so you are well informed.

Take a look at the communities this week that accepted the most contracts:

Aurora- 33    4 of them are short sales

Bolingbrook- 15    2 of them are short sales



Plainfield- 19   2 of them are short sales

St Charles- 13    1 of them was a short sale

The other communities that accepted contracts with short sales were


North Aurora- 1

Plano- 1

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